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Cloud CDN Launching

Feb 6, 2019

Hello, we are working with NBP(cloud.com) to promote cloud CDN for mobile game companies. Service location: Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany Contact your sales persons (sales@kdtidc.com) Thank you. 您好,我们正在与NBP(cloud.com)公司合作,推广移动游戏公司的云码。服务地点:韩国,日本,香港,新加坡,德国联系你的销售人员(sales@kdtidc.com)谢谢你

Made a partnership with Naver (www.ncloud.com)

Sep 26, 2018

Hello, Customers, we made a partnership with NBP (Public Cloud provider/ www.ncloud.com) Please join us for your global cloud service. Thank you.

Start Asia neutral carrier center.

Mar 1, 2017

Hello, CustomersWe start Asia neutral carrier center business in Japan,Korea,Hongkong,Veitnam.If you want to pick your own global line to us with BGP, just discuss with us.Thank you.